Is a prefab dormer window permit-free?

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A prefab dormer window brings more space and light to the attic and thus gives an important added value to your home. In this way, a dormer window eventually pays for itself. A dormer window is often used as an extra bedroom, but a dormer window is also useful as a play or study room. When installing a prefab dormer window, it is best to take a few important guidelines into account to avoid disappointment later.

A prefab dormer without a permit

For a prefab dormer window without a permit, you must meet a number of conditions. Placing a dormer with or without a permit is mainly determined by the municipality where you live and by the view of your future dormer window. Some municipalities have a so-called welfare policy for a residential area. This policy is mainly about the view and type of the homes in the residential area. Do you live in an area with a welfare policy? Then you are always subject to a permit for your dormer. Request this information from your municipality.

Choose the right place for your prefab dormer

You can install your dormer in different places. The location mainly depends on the shape and dimensions of your dormer window. Choose the most practical place with the best view and the most light. The dimensions of your dormer window are closely related to what you use the extra space for. An office or a play or study area simply requires less space than a bedroom. Are you planning to place a bed in the dormer? For example, look at the width of your bed plus space to get in and out of the bed.

The right material and model for your prefab dormer

Prefabricated dormers are available in many materials. The choice of the right material mainly depends on your personal preference. You have the choice between a dormer window made of wood and plastic, but just as good from zinc and reed, for example. You will also have to choose from dormer windows with a flat or with a sloping or with a raised ridge.

A prefab dormer requires good insulation and ventilation

Good roof and window insulation as well as a few ventilation grilles are indispensable. Provide a comparable insulation value to that of your home. This way the least heat is lost. Good insulation ensures a lower energy bill, which is good for both your bank account and our environment.

A durable dormer window is also maintenance-friendly and provides years of enjoyment

A dormer window remains an important investment. A well-chosen dormer window provides extra comfort and living pleasure. So don’t save on quality. Both dormer windows in wood and plastic are durable and ensure a long service life. If your municipality allows it, a prefab dormer window with permit-free places is ideal. You immediately save on the costs of the permit. Money that you prefer to spend on, for example, plastic frames for the windows. They require little or no maintenance and will last at least 25 years.

Insurance prefab dormer window permit-free

Always notify your insurance broker: and opt for a so-called home insurance. In the event of damage to both your home and your dormer window, it will be fully restored to its original state for the insurer. Don’t decide head over heels. When you know which prefab dormer it will be, you can request multiple quotations from different companies. Compare those quotes before making a final decision. This way you can save a lot. Don’t just look at the price, but also what you get in return. You enjoy a dormer for years and you prefer a good one to a cheap one.