LED lighting provides better and energy-efficient lighting

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We increasingly illuminate our homes with LED panel lighting. Logical, because LED lighting not only provides better lighting. It has a remarkably longer lifespan, is much cheaper to use and is also more environmentally friendly. Yet there are still those who do not opt ​​for this economical LED lighting. They still prefer classic incandescent or energy-saving lamps. They do this because this lighting is cheaper to purchase. That is only so in the short term. Over a longer period of time, LED lamps even pay for themselves because they are much more energy efficient. There are several types of LED lighting. To make the right choice, you need to know as much as possible about this method of home lighting.

Large choice of light sources

There is a wide choice of light sources to light our home in an adapted way, each with its own specific properties, advantages and disadvantages. Halogen lamps are one of them. These provide a slightly yellowish light. This popular type of lighting, on the other hand, provides white light for all shades. The type of light source largely determines the type of light. That is why it is nice if you can easily replace lamps that belong to a certain type of fixture with another type of light source.

The consumption of LED lighting

The energy consumption in the lighting of your home depends largely on the type of light source you choose. While the consumption in traditional lighting with incandescent energy saving lamps already increases with the number of times you switch the energy on and off, this is fortunately not the case with LED lighting.

Display of colors with LED lighting

The way of color rendering in your interior mainly depends on the type of light that illuminates your interior. In warm light, warm colors such as red and orange are emphasized extra. With chilly and cold colors such as blue or white light. They are less strongly supported. Also keep in mind that the colors from your interior also strongly support each other.

The amount of light

You don’t need the same amount of light everywhere in your home. The amount of light mainly depends on the circumstances and the use of a particular room. Cooking requires more light in your kitchen than when you watch television in your living room or when you want to create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.


Difference in brightness makes the room more usable. Contrast also for a lively and a more cozy atmosphere. Too high a contrast also causes disadvantages for our health. Too strong contrast is mainly the cause of severe headaches.

Be sure to pay attention to the color index or CRI of LED lighting

This indicates how faithfully colors are displayed. An index of 100 is taken as the basis for this. This corresponds to the effect of sunlight. LED lighting has an average CRI that fluctuates between 80 and 90, the same effect as an incandescent lamp.

Color temperature LED lighting

Expressed in Kelvin and for candlelight it is 1200 Kelvin. Kil blue light scores 10000 Kelvin. Warm LED lighting scores 2000 Kelvin and gives a warmer color rendering than an incandescent lamp with 2800 Kelvin.

LED lighting power

Also in this area LED lighting scores better than incandescent, halogen and energy-saving lamps. LED lighting with a strength of, for example, 12 watts gives much more light than an incandescent lamp with a strength of no less than 100 watts.

  • LED lighting has a longer lifespan
  • Compared to incandescent or energy-saving lamps, LED lighting does not work constantly, which considerably extends their lifespan.

Always choose the right fitting for LED lighting

LED lighting has different types of fittings. Make sure to choose the right fitting for LED lighting. This is not necessary with incandescent or energy-saving lamps.

Place LED lighting

Never place your LED lighting in front of or behind a TL or PL lamp. This type of lighting ensures a high peak when starting, which is not the case with LED lighting.

Our conclusion:

LED lighting is also becoming increasingly popular with us. More and more homes are lit with this type of lighting. Lighting your home with LED lighting is especially energy efficient. On top of that, LED lighting has a much longer lifespan and is also environmentally friendly. This type of lighting also creates more atmosphere and cosiness and ensures that you do not consume the same amount of light in every room if you do not need to.