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You can have your mobile phone repaired both online and at a physical store for repairing mobile phones or smartphones. But what if your phone glass is cracked? The phone glass or the display of your mobile phone or smartphone is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive parts of your device. The glass of your smartphone immediately determines the appearance of your device. A cell phone or a smartphone with scratches, cracks or cracks is no sight at all. Is your phone glass damaged or broken? Then choose a safe and reliable repairer. Do you live in Eindhoven? A telephone repair in Eindhoven is always possible. But what should you definitely pay attention to when repairing your smartphone or its phone glass?

Scratch sensitive

The display of a smartphone is protected by a screen made of glass or hard plastic. That screen is prone to cracks and tears, even with expensive smartphones and iPhones. Do you live in Eindhoven and the surrounding area and are you looking for a repairer for your smartphone? Then there is still iPhone repair Eindhoven to help you. You can protect it with so-called screensavers, but even then damage is not excluded. Is the phone glass damaged, cracked or cracked? Then be sure to check the warranty period. Has it not expired yet? Then an official dealer or an officially recognized repairer will repair your device free of charge. If the damage is the result of incorrect treatment, you will have to pay for the repair yourself.

Protect glass smartphone

You can also protect the glass of the display with a so-called screen protector. You will have to choose between a screen protector made of glass or one made of plastic (plastic). Plastic screen protectors or films are increasingly being applied in the factory. Unfortunately, they do not always offer the best protection to prevent damage to the screen. The plastic protective film is not very scratch-resistant and is difficult to scratch and crack. In addition, it is not always easy to apply a plastic protector without folds. This is only possible if there is no more air between the screen of your device and the plastic protector. It is not easy to get air from under the screen. That also makes the screen much less clear. A screen protector made of plastic therefore only protects against superficial scratches and damage. A screen protector made of plastic is cheap.

Tempered glass screen protector

To avoid expensive repair costs, it is best to choose a screen protector made of (tempered) glass. These optimally protect your screen against drops, scratches and cracks. A protector of tempered glass absorbs the force of the fall, so that not the original screen but the screen protector is damaged. With a screen protector made of tempered glass you quickly avoid expensive repair costs, which can easily add up to several hundred euros.

The advantages of a tempered glass screen protector

  • Protects the original screen from drops, scratches and cracks
  • Easy to install
  • Features a grease-repellent coating to prevent fingerprints

A tempered glass screen protector is more expensive to purchase, but it prevents expensive repair costs so that it quickly pays for itself.

Finding the best repairer for your smartphone

It is best to have a repair carried out within the warranty period by the store where you bought the phone or tablet. Is the repair out of warranty, but do you still want the manufacturer to carry it out? Then it is best to contact the customer service of the manufacturer of your device. But you can also contact independent repairers for the repair of your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet, such as telephone repair Eindhoven. They often restore your device directly in the store so that you don’t have to miss your smartphone, mobile phone or tablet.