Take care of your male body

The state of male hygiene could use a freshening up – research has shown that women tend to be bothered by the not so fresh effect of their partner’s hygiene routine. And that offers opportunities, for you… to take a critical look at your own routine!

Not enough attention

One of the first mistakes men make is not washing their body from head to toe”Says Ingmar Bruinsma, founder of BALZY. “Most men jump in the shower, wash their hair, torso, under their armpits and rinse and then quickly jump out of the shower”. And that is exactly what women are not very happy about!

“Most men have a crappy hygiene routine – and it is time for that to change,” says Bruinsma. He says there are some important routines that really deserve every man’s attention.

‘Down below’

To really look fresh and fruity, more attention is needed. Think of other parts of the body such as the legs and feet, but especially the region between the legs, such as the pubic area, balls and buttocks. The latter parts are extra important if you regularly do some exercise.

Smelly balls

Something else that can have a huge impact on how it ‘down there’ smells is what you eat. Certain foods have quite an impact on the smell there – for example, a diet high in garlic, onions, broccoli and cauliflower will not have a positive effect on all of this.

The best way to avoid those bad smells is to introduce a better shower routine; including all private parts! And if washing alone is no longer good enough, there is even a special deodorant for between the legs!

Bald or bald?

Keeping everything (your pubic hair) short and tidy is also an excellent way to better organize the hygiene routine ‘down below’. Long and a lot of pubic hair is the place for bacteria to multiply nicely and produce bad smells.

In short: it shaving your pubic hair and taking care of this area is quite an upgrade from the normal routine, and the ladies will thank you!

Oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth twice a day is a very good start (although many men renounce here too!) But there is a lot more to do to keep the mouth nice and clean and fresh.

You are probably familiar with the dentist’s mantra: “Brushing is not enough. You have to floss, burn and rinse”. In all fairness, we aren’t die-hard flossers either. Yet with flossing and firing you tackle completely different areas that the toothbrush does not touch. Imagine what it would be like if you never get there …

So: The dentist is right: Flossing, stabbing, rinsing and good brushing ensures that your teeth are fresher than fresh, and that is what makes the other half quite warm!

Facial hair

Today facial hair is completely hot again. Wearing a nice full beard or a good load of stubble is absolutely no shame anymore. But no woman is waiting for a dude who doesn’t keep things tidy or, worse, not groomed at all!

And they get it right away, because that face is the place they look at continuously. (We make a simple assumption here)

For men with a beard, this means daily washing, drying and care with the right lotion. This prevents beard dandruff (yes, it exists) and leaves the beard smelling nice and fresh. And when things get out of hand like a tropical rainforest, it’s time to grab the scissors or trimmer. Yes really!

If you stick to a trimmed or shaved face, then there is still work to be done. Keep things clean and cared for with a good ‘face wash’ or ‘cleanser’, and if you have special skin (dry or oily), make sure you use a nice day cream. It gives you a nice head, and the ladies immediately realize that – 5 points for your appearance and chances to score her number.

Your armpits

The area under the armpits of men is, for many women, perhaps the most famous place of disaster. Thanks to the warm and humid region, the area around the armpits is the place where many bacteria feel at home. And where there are many bacteria, it is not going to smell good.

Do you suffer from a ‘fragrant body’? Then there is a good chance that the cause can be found under your armpits. In that case, bring more action into your routine.

That starts with a thorough washing; every time in the shower; with an anti-bacterial soap. Wet washing and especially good rinsing and drying are things that are often forgotten… and then all that soaps was for nothing!


You would think that all of the above are already part of your routine, but if everyone did it this well, we wouldn’t hear any complaints, right? So, gentlemen of this world. Time to take a critical look at that routine and adjust it where necessary. You score points, and maybe more!