These simple remedies can unclog your sink or shower drain

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A clogged sink or shower drain is annoying and often takes a lot of time and effort to undo it. With quick action and regular and appropriate maintenance, you can unclog everything without the intervention of a plumber. This way you can save a lot because unclogging with a plumber is not cheap. Fortunately, you have a lot of simple home, garden and kitchen remedies available to undo the blockage. If this doesn’t work, you can switch to a liquid drain unblocker. Preferably do not use aggressive drain cleaners. These can seriously damage your shower drain or sink and even your drains. In any case, always choose a liquid unblocker with a high quality. It will solve your problem quickly and effectively. Blockages in your shower or bathtub are often caused by hair, soap scum, other contaminants and water. To remove everything as quickly as possible, preferably use an unblocker that dissolves all these products from your sink and your pipes, such as the HG duo unblocker. It is a drain cleaner with a high quality. HG duo unblocker ensures an effective result.

Strainer or hair catcher

It is better to prevent a blocked shower drain or sink than to cure it. You do this in a simple way, for example by attaching a sieve or a hair catcher in front of the drain. This way, hair, soap scum and other dirt left behind are collected in time. Regularly clean the sieve on the hair catcher and you’re done. It couldn’t be easier.

Rubber drain cleaner

Using a rubber drain cleaner is undoubtedly the easiest way to clear your shower drain or sink. Place the rubber part over the clogged well. Press the handle of the plunger and move up and down several times. The rubber part creates a vacuum and sucks the contamination upwards. After using the rubber drain cleaner, rinse both the shower drain and the sink thoroughly with hot water.

Unclogging spring

Did the rubber drain unblocker not solve the problem? Then try a simple unblocking spring. It is a thin metal wire that you can easily move a few meters deep into the sink and the pipes. Often the blockage also occurs under the pipes and this unblocking spring is certainly suitable for that. Were able to solve the blockage in this way? Then rinse the pipes thoroughly with hot water.

Cleaning soda and boiling water

Disassemble the clogged shower drain or sink and remove any debris. Sprinkle 100 grams of cleaning soda into the drain. Then slowly pour two liters of boiling water down the drain. Soda is a powerful cleaning agent that easily dissolves soap residues. Afterwards, hair and other dirt left behind can be rinsed more easily.

HG Duo Unblocker and HG hair unblocker

If all this did not clear the blockage, using the HG Duo Unblocker is the last way to prevent a plumber’s intervention. If you really suffer from a clogged shower drain, HG hair unblocker works very well. This has been specially developed to dissolve hair and soap residues that remain in the shower drain. Make sure that the product used does not come into contact with your skin, with food products or with materials that come into contact with food.