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When you think of window decoration, as a man you quickly think of functionality. Window decoration is there to darken things or to let light through at certain times. But nowadays there are so many different types of window decoration that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. We therefore tell you which window decoration suits your living style and at the same time does exactly what you need.


Industrial is a housing trend that is very popular among men. The robust furniture, raw materials, dark colors and unfinished details make the industrial look a very tough interior style. Do you have an industrial kitchen? Then shutters and blinds are ideally suited for your home. Order them in a dark color and they will fit perfectly into your home. An advantage of shutters and blinds is that you can adjust them to the position of the sun or if you want more privacy.


The Scandinavian home trend is characterized by the use of wood, geometric shapes, few frills and light (pastel) colors. If you have a Scandinavian interior, you can therefore go for different window decorations. For example, take wood shutters, white blinds or blackout curtains in a light (pastel) color as a window decoration if you like sleek window decoration.

Hotel chic

This housing trend is also increasingly seen in men at home. As the name suggests, these interiors recreate the chic atmosphere of a hotel. The style is characterized by dark colors, sleek prints, high finish and luxurious materials. Window decoration that is very suitable in a hotel chic interior is light voille in combination with blackout curtains in a luxurious color such as dark gray, dark blue, dark red or dark green. When it comes to material for the curtains, it is best to choose velor or another heavy fabric for this living trend. Prefer no curtains? Then shutters are also a good choice.