Planning with the men

It has now become an annual tradition. At the beginning of each summer, we go out with our group of friends for a nice long weekend. Unfortunately, this year’s men’s weekend has been canceled due to all Corona measures. Of course, this does not stop us from making new plans and simply trying again in 2021. No sooner said than done. A Zoom meeting was scheduled, the beer was put cold, the nachos with cheese and dips were placed in the oven and then the anticipation could begin. In this blog I would like to tell you more about all our wild plans!

The big meeting

In our group of friends, not only the annual men’s trip has become a tradition. Planning the trip is also a real ritual within our group of friends. As I hinted in the introduction, we cannot meet without ice-cold beers and homemade snacks. The roles are therefore always divided the same. Jan and Erik are the planners, they arrange all official meetings and ensure that everyone can be present. Peter is the booker, he books the travel and accommodation and ensures that everyone has renewed their passport on time. Jacques is our personal chef. Not only during the trip itself, but of course also for all meetings. Since we now have to meet remotely, Jan and Erik have arranged everything online and Jacques has sent us a simple recipe, so that we can all make the same snacks at home.

Last Friday evening the time had come: the big meeting via Zoom could begin. Of course it took a while before everyone was online and had everything technically arranged (we are fourteen), but then we were able to officially open the meeting with a digital toast.

The destination

Of course we haven’t seen each other in person for a long time, so we had to catch up first. After an hour it was time to choose a destination. Choosing a destination is a very democratic process in our group of friends. The men had therefore made some preparations and everyone had recorded a top 3 of favorite destinations. During the meeting we compared everyone’s favorites list and a so-called short-list of top destinations was drawn up. Then everyone could vote anonymously. Peter kept track of the polls in a special app. When everyone had voted, the result was immediately known. Our men’s group will travel to – drum roll: Alanya, Turkey next year.

Yesterday Peter announced in the group app that he was already able to book a nice trip via Triptime. So now it’s a countdown and wait until next year!